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Day 3 – Oh Boy

Today has been the worst day by far. Last night, she managed to sneak into the spare room down here and hop onto the bed. This is the bed she and I had been sleeping on for a month pre-surgery – there is no box spring, so it was easier for her to get onto when she could no longer make it upstairs to our bedroom to sleep. (Poor girl.) Anyway, my partner was on duty during the night and only noticed she was even up there when she squealed, likely because it’s an uneven surface and she fell into her stitches.

She has been doing the squeals / yelps on and off since we picked her up, and they are awful to hear. It honestly sounds like she is being hit by a car or stabbed…very guttural. I’ve never heard anything like it before. Thankfully, it only seems to last a couple of seconds, but we cannot figure out what is causing it. It only happens when she is standing and it happens more frequently when we are taking her out back on her leash. It happened probably 5 times today.

She is more mobile today, and seems quite happy, but due to the issue above, we were advised to increase her percocet from 2x/day to 3x/day to see if it helps. The ER vet felt that she was likely just anxious as that’s how she was acting after the surgery. I don’t want to say I felt brushed off by that, but…I did. She is comfortable the vast majority of the time. But what is causing this? Is it normal? I’ve never had stitches–or lost a limb–so I’m not sure exactly how painful it all is. I’m terrified it’s some sort of residual nerve pain, which will just break my heart. This was all supposed to eliminate pain, not keep it around and/or increase it. Unfortunately, the surgery team is off all weekend + Monday as it’s a holiday here, so the only thing I can do in the interim is increase the dose and wait until Tuesday.

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